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Esther | Founder and CEO

Esther Brown got her start in digital in New York City at (a hyperlocal news startup backed by Union Square Ventures, CNN Worldwide and others), where she was head of community and marketing. After was acquired by AOL, Esther and team made their way over to, where they used their local expertise to connect people to quality community news.

From AOL, Esther found her way over to Google, where she spent nearly 4 years building and managing teams of local community managers and creating a global community of engaged locals passionate about helping others and supporting businesses by writing local reviews on Google. As Global Marketing and Brand Manager, Esther also led the creation of Google’s Local Guides brand, in partnership with the wonderful team at VSA Partners in Chicago.

A native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Esther holds a B.A. with Distinction from the University of Virginia and has studied marketing, entrepreneurship and interior design at New York University, Cornell Tech, Parsons The New School for Design and Corcoran College of Art + Design. When she’s not working with awesome Saltworks Media clients, you’ll find her practicing yoga, meditating, cooking, traveling, playing shuffleboard or exploring New York City.

Our People

At Saltworks Media, we love our team, and we know you will, too.

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Lead Assistant & Community Manager
Email Joyce

Joyce has the power of many assistants in one: a master delegator, Joyce leads a team of collaborators who help get the job done at Saltworks, every day. Plus, as Esther’s Executive and Personal Assistant, Joyce helps to keep the trains running on time and much, much more.  

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Executive Coach & Brand Strategist
Shana Lory Coaching

Shana is a certified and credentialed co-active Life Coach, trained through “the Harvard of life coaching.” Before coaching, Shana worked in advertising for 15 years as a brand strategist. Her strategic expertise and big picture perspective help keep us and our clients on track, every day.

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Developer & SEO Expert
Email Kieron

With over 10 years of web development experience, Kieron understands all the factors that help to determine how your site ranks in Search.  He’s our go-to for tricky integrations and technical know-how. Added bonus: if you need a video made, Kieron’s also a voiceover artist— so we’ve got you covered.

You’re Too Kind

Some lovely words from awesome people we’ve worked with in the past.

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Lauren Goody

Senior Partner Marketing Manager


“Esther is a big picture thinker who’s easily able to translate her ideas into actions to achieve project or program milestones. She initiates action to make progress and she values others’ feedback as it helps her to anticipate objections and next steps in her work.

Esther and I had the opportunity to work together on internal events at Google where we collaborated to plan content and logistics for career development and leadership workshops offered to women at Google in NYC. She is a very hard-working individual, always attentive to the details. She is thoughtful, poised and very reliable. I recommend her without any hesitations.”
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Eren Kantarli

Head of Global Marketing
Maps at Google


“Esther is at a place where she’s a proven marketing manager. She is a very smart and creative marketer and can solve very complex problems. Esther brings tenacity and dedication to her products and I am proud to [have been] her manager, partner and friend.”

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Anne-Marie Rosser

VSA Partners


“Esther is a great balance of ‘getting it right’ perfectionism and ‘getting it done’ pragmatism. She is incredibly incisive and seems to have a natural propulsion behind everything she does. She can handle an immense amount of detail, while also keeping her eye on the big picture.”

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Jonathan Sluys

Partner & Creative Director
Fund Lab


“Esther is one of few people that can hold a grand vision and all the details of a project in her mind at once. She can swing with change while maintaining and hitting the larger goals and brand vision she sets. Great collaborator, incredible work ethic, and not afraid to try new things. I’d be lucky to get a chance to work with her again.”

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Mary Jo Romeo

UP Business Communications


“We had the pleasure of working with Esther in her role as Connections Pillar Co-Chair for Women@Google. Esther is terrific! She managed many moving pieces and remained calm and focused throughout the process. Incredibly specific and detail oriented, Esther is someone you can count on to get the job done. We were so lucky to be able to work with her, and hope to work with her again.”

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Adri Cowan

Social Media Manager, Marvel
Founder, Rogue Social


“Esther holds the quintessential characteristics of a leader: diligent, available, succinct, organized, and transparent about the inner-workings of our projects. She has the uncanny ability to help her team stay on track without micro-managing.

All this, with a sense of humor, consistently thanking her team for their work and recognizing their achievements, while still providing constructive criticism for improvements. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with her, and I look to her as an inspiration and mentor.”
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Dinesh Goburdhun

Independent Strategist
Dinesh Goburdhun


“Esther is the rare strategic thinker who can keep the big picture and the details in-mind at once, shaping strategy and tactics simultaneously. A true optimist, Esther is a natural leader—open to new ideas, willing to challenge thinking, and able to synthesize a team’s different perspectives with ease and grace. It’s always a pleasure to work with her.”

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Heather D’Amico

Associate Director, Social Media
SheKnows Media


“Esther is one the smartest, most hard working people I know. As my manager, Esther provided the utmost guidance, support and leadership. She challenged and empowered me to always provide the best work possible and reach my highest potential. Esther is an excellent mentor and I greatly value her thoughts.

Not only is Esther a wonderful manager, but she has done amazing work in launching and building Google’s City Experts program. Esther’s top notch marketing expertise has helped expand the program exponentially and evolve it into a community of quality, dedicated users. Her strategic thinking makes for effective, successful results.”
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Rachel Rosenfelt

Creative Director
Verso Books


“Esther is a rare brew of creativity, detail-orientation and follow through. Collaborating with someone of her efficacy on unstructured projects is reassuring to say the least. I recommend her to all future collaborators without reservation and with the highest enthusiasm. It is a true pleasure to work with her.”

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Derek Chan

Brand Marketing


“I worked with Esther during a period of significant growth and evolution of the Google Local Community Management organization, under Google Maps. When we started working together, I immediately saw that she had the qualities of a great manager…

She’s focused on results and metrics, she’s a very clear and effective communicator, she cares about details, and she prioritizes & gets things done. But as time went on, I also saw her develop the qualities of a great leader. Esther is a strong cross-functional collaborator, she’s tenacious and focused in the face of rapidly shifting organizational priorities, and she listens to – and rapidly acts on – constructive feedback. Most importantly, her leadership style is consistent with strong values – honesty, directness, and authenticity. She earned my respect, and I would embrace the opportunity to work with her again.”
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Emily Cavalier

Senior Account Executive, B2B


“Esther and I worked together when Google Places hired me to produce a custom event under my Midnight Brunch brand. Esther was a fantastic partner: She was very clear about her needs and goals, making it easy to create a program that would provide value for her team. She’s also super knowledgeable about local businesses and knows the event side from the producer end as well. I’d recommend her as a potential partner to any business looking to raise their profile.”

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Susan Pfeifer

Senior Project Manager
VSA Partners


“Esther and I worked together on a global program brand launch. She was the Global Marketing Manager, client side, and I was the Senior Project Manager on the agency side. Esther is the exact type of client a Project Manager dreams of.

Calling her detailed oriented is an understatement, she was very engaged in the project plan and was open to ways to accelerate and decelerate when appropriate to keep budget and resourcing in check. She was cognizant of providing succinct feedback to the deliverables, collecting and culling from her internal stakeholders (which were many). Communication with her was a breeze she was available and willing to meet at off hours in order to make the deadlines, even when she was traveling abroad and through many times zones. Overall, she is one of the best clients I have had the privilege of working with and I miss her!”

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